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What is automilez?

automilez is a mobile phone and web application that allows you to easily log and organize records of how far you drive your vehicle, generally for business and/or tax purposes.

How does this help me?

It helps you to keep records of trips you take in your vehicle and the associated mileage, as well as save money at tax time.

Is it free?

Yes, the automilez application is free to install and use.

Why is using automilez better than keeping track of trips myself?

Drivers are usually required to keep a written logbook of mileage, times, dates, and destinations which can become burdensome and reduces productivity. We solve this problem by reducing it to a simple start/stop automatic logging process using your mobile phone's GPS system. And when it comes time to produce a report or analysis of all of your trips, we can help on that front too.

Who's eligible for these savings?

From a tax deduction perspective, small business owners and those who are self-employed stand to benefit the most from automatic mileage logging. At the same time, anyone who needs to keep a mileage record (i.e. expensing business trips) will enjoy logging trips with automilez.

Who made automilez?

automilez was designed and developed by RED Method, Inc. We are a privately-held software and user interface design company in Austin, TX.

I have ideas for the next version. Who should I talk to?

We'd love to hear your feedback! Please email us at

Can I rely on automilez for correct tax information?

We're not tax advisors, so we recommend that you get the assistance of a tax professional when preparing your taxes.

Recently Updated?

If you were previously using an older version of automilez, we hope you are enjoying the update.

Your trips from the earlier version should have migrated to our new logbook, but if you have noticed any missing trips or logs, please let us know. The migration process is automatic, but rarely trips may not migrate correctly. Our database team takes these issues seriously, and if you contact us at we will do our best to correct them.

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Can I use automilez with a first-generation iPhone or an iPod Touch?

At the moment, we only provide support for the iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S because automilez uses GPS as an integral part of the logging process.

Can I use automilez with my Blackberry/Android/Nokia/Palm Pre device?

We do not provide clients for these platforms yet, but we hope to in the future.

Can I use the app indoors?

Generally, trip data will be more accurate outdoors. For best results, start and end trips while entering and exiting your vehicle on the roadway.

What if I'm out of the network coverage area or passing through a dead zone?

automilez requires network connectivity to properly sync with the logbook and may warn you if it has trouble connecting. This may occur in areas with low cell phone signal, and should be resolved when you return to an area of higher signal.

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Why do I have to sign in?

We store your trip data on our web server, associated with your unique automilez account so that we can provide you with records and analysis of all of your trips for the year or beyond.

Logging In to Retrieve Trips

While it is possible to use the automilez iOS app without logging in, if you would like to store and keep track of your trips on the logbook, you will need to either create a new account, or log in to an existing account. All trips created before logging in or creating an account will be migrated to your account after doing so.

Where do I get a username and password?

After installing the application on your mobile phone, launch it. From the Account screen, click 'Create Account' and enter your email address and password. Your username is your email address.

I uninstalled the app or forgot my password. How can I recover my password?

You can reset your password using the "Forgot your password?" link at After submitting your email address, you should receive an email at that same address with a link to reset your password.

My username and password aren't working - what should I do?

Double-check that you are using the same email address you entered when creating an account, and check that your password is correctly entered. If you still have trouble signing in, you may be out of the network coverage area or the automilez server could be temporarily down for maintenance.

Emailing reports

With the introduction of a free online logbook, we have discontinued emailing log reports. We believe that with the iOS app and mobile or desktop access to our logbook, you are equipped with the best tools for keeping track of your mileage.

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Starting a Trip:

Where and when should I start my trips?

Ideally, you should start an automilez trip in a location that has both network (3G or EDGE) coverage, and good reception for GPS. This usually means being outdoors. The best time is usually as soon as your vehicle is out of the garage and on the roadway, or as soon as you start your vehicle if you're parked on the street.

Can I start multiple trips at once?

No. automilez is configured to log one open trip at a time per device.

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During a Trip:

Does automilez run in the background?

Yes. Even when locked, your iOS device will continue to track your progress and log your trip.

Do I have to leave the app running to track my mileage?

No. Feel free to close the application and relaunch it later on when you need to end a trip.

What if I get a call during a trip?

Taking a call during a trip will not alter or end the current trip, and it will be resumed automatically after your call is over and the automilez app is relaunched.

Can I close the app in the middle of a trip and continue it later?

Yes. Feel free to use your phone as you wish with the confidence that your trip data is stored and automilez will continue to log your trip while you use other features of your phone.

GPS and your Battery

While using automilez, the GPS feature of your iOS device will be utilized for greater specificity of your location. Please be aware that GPS usage, as well as keeping your phone screen unlocked may deplete your battery at a faster rate than usual. We recommend connecting your iOS device to power when driving to ensure that your phone is charged at your destination.

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Trip Details:

Where did you get the dollar amounts for each deduction type?

The dollar amounts in the application were derived from the current IRS deductible values for U.S. federal income tax found here.

Can I add other entries in the 'Purpose' area?

Yes. You can add custom entries into the purpose area.

How much text can I put into the 'Notes' area?

Currently, you can enter as much as you like.

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Ending a Trip:

Where and when should I end my trips?

End your trip whenever you want to stop logging mileage.

I ended my trip accidentally. Can I restart it?

No, we don't support this feature at this time.

Something about my trip looks wrong in the Trip Log. How do I edit it?

You can edit and manage trip logs in the Logbook at

Can I close the app and try to end the trip later?

Yes! Upon restarting, automilez will attempt to send the stored data from the end of your trip.

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Trip Logs:

Where can I see all of my trips and how far I went?

Access and manage your trip logs with the automilez logbook.

Can I delete trips I don't want in my logs anymore?


I'd like a well-organized report of my trips and total deduction. Can you provide that?

Of course! There are a variety of reporting options available to you in the automilez logbook.

Can I edit my start and end locations?

We don't support this feature right now, but we may in the future.

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Can I change my username?

At the moment, we do not support this feature.

Can I change my password?

Yes. You can change your password using the automilez logbook via the Settings page.

I’m entering information as kilometers, but it’s appearing as miles on dashboard.

You can switch between kilometers and miles in the settings screen. The checkmark indicates the current setting.

How do I change the business reimbursement rate?

Can be customized in the settings screen. In the settings screen, click trip categories and then edit. You can then click on an individual category and edit the rate.

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What if I can’t see my logs on my phone, but don’t see them on Logbook.
  • Try doing a manual sync. In the iOS app pull down on the logbook page to sync.
  • Make sure you are logging into the correct version of Logbook the site was revamped last year.
  • Make sure you are using the latest update of the app, version 3.0.4
  • You may not be logged in to the mobile app so your trips are not being saved to their LogBook user. Please make sure you are logged into the mobile app.
  • You may have multiple logins. Please make sure you are using the same login on the phone as on the online Logbook.
What if my trips are not transferring to my online Logbook.

There could be a couple of reasons...

  • Make sure you are logging into the correct version of Logbook the site was revamped last year.
  • Make sure you are using the latest update of the app, version 3.0.4
  • You may not be logged in to the mobile app so your trips are not being saved to their LogBook user. Please make sure you are logged into the mobile app.
  • You may have multiple logins. Please make sure you are using the same login on the phone as on the online Logbook.
What do I do if trips that were once visible in the Logbook have now disappeared?
  • Make sure you are logging into the correct version of Logbook the site was revamped last year.
  • There was a rare issue with version 3.0.2. Make sure you have updated to the mobile app version 3.0.4
  • You may have multiple logins. Please make sure you are using the same login on the mobile app as on the online Logbook.
What if only a portion of my trip was recorded.
  • An app placed in background is not guaranteed to remain running. If the iPhone requires the resources being used by the automiliez (memory, gps, etc), the app will automatically be shutdown by the operation system. To prevent this - always have automilez in the foreground during a trip. The screen can be locked, but the app shouldn’t be minimized.
  • You may have ended the trip accidentally by hitting the end button prematurely.
I’m not receiving my daily logs.

We are now sending automilez emails again. You will need to go to the Settings page in the Logbook and set your “Trip Logs Emails” to your preference. It currently defaults to “None”.

I received a sync failed message. What do I do?

If you received this message, first check to see if you are connected to 3G or wi-fi network. Occasionally, we experience a heavier than normal load on our servers. Please wait a few minutes and try syncing your application again. If you continue to experience failure to sync, please contact us.

Account Migration

Last year, we revamped our online Logbook. If you see trips in the old Logbook, but your new trips are not showing up in either Logbook, we’ll need to migrate your account. Please contact us and we’ll take care of that for you.

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